Oppo F11 Pro: Chinese Dramas Vs. Pakistani Dramas

I recently watched a Chinese drama, Love 020, and the one thing that my memory retained aside from oh-so-cute chemistry was the Oppo F11 Pro placement.

Wait. sorry. My bad.
Not Oppo F11 pro. That was Suno Chanda.

The one thing I noticed in Love 020 was Oppo cellphones’ brand placement. And was it perfect?
Yes it was!!!
Also, the chemistry in Love 020 was very Strong Woman Do Bong Soon so if you like that you can totally watch it.

Anyway, let’s get back to brand placements!

Chinese Drama (Love 020):

  1. The guy texts the girl. The camera focuses on Oppo’s logo.
  2. A character puts his phone on charge. His friends decide to eat out. He whines that he just put his phone on charge.
    His friend says: Your phone can give 2 hour talk time after 5 minutes charge. Quit whining!
  3. A girl loses her phone. She goes to oppo’s outlet. She chooses a phone. Salesgirl tells her about the talk time and asks what color she wants it in. The girl says golden. She has a star plus moment where her thoughts tell us that she wants to match the phone with her boyfriend.
  4. A girl wants to make up with her best friend. She goes to a shop to buy a cake. The camera positions the lead characters right beside the logo of iCake. It also shows the variety of cakes available.
  5. A popular Chinese brand of Orange juice is consumed by all university students in the drama to show that it revitalizes them.

Pakistani Drama (Suno Chanda Season 2):

  1. Sherry goes to Oppo outlet. The salesman tells him about all the specifications of Oppo F11 Pro as if he knows that the person in front of him will understand all the tech details of the phone.
    Sherry: Yes Yes I know about ‘Oppo F11 Pro’ and the talk time. I have an Oppo F11 Pro too! I want to gift an Oppo F11 pro to my wife. I have an Oppo F11 pro in black color. I want my wife to have an Oppo F11 Pro in purple color.
  2. Cousins are all playing cricket together. Sherry comes over and suddenly feels like taking pictures.
    Sherry: don’t worry. Don’t worry! Oppo F11 Pro has good inbuilt lighting. The pictures will be good.
  3. And not to mention the wedding function where Mitthu actually brings over a tray full of candy biscuits because obviously in brown weddings we make our entry with trays full of ticky packs.


But let’s not be too harsh with them.

When have we ever seen brand marketing within a Pakistani TV drama?

But since Pakistan has finally tried their hands in it, they could at least do it intelligently

Or Oppo being an international brand and having experience in brand placement in Asian dramas could take notice and tell their Pakistani branch to follow their international policies regarding it.

It is evident that Pakistani TV industry does not know how to do brand placements. And due to their stupid way of putting the brand in your face, the audience starts losing interest.

Trust me.
I know.

I finish all the dramas that I start. Even if I don’t like them.

And I have stopped watching Suno Chanda season 2 halfway through.

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Not My ‘Happy Ending Once Again’

Even Elder Soo Bo Ri (refer to Hwayugi) said this too. Jang Na Ra has got to be something supernatural. No way is somebody who looks like this is THIRTY-SEVEN years old! She can’t possibly be human! Girl ain’t getting old, man!

Where were we? Ah Yes. As is my practice of falling in love with the story, the chemistry, the characters, the actors, I go on to do a full background search of those actors. So I did one on Jang Na Ra. And I landed on *drumroll*

As you know by now, I AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC! You have a hint of love in the drama and I will fall for it bad. And yes! Strongly believer in soulmates (probably why I say no to every marriage proposal… You! Handsome! Lee Jong Suk… I am yours). So yeah this is what this is about. Jang Na Ra as Han Mi Mo and Jung Kyung-ho as Song Soo-hyuk are the protagonists of the story… or like the main protagonists of the story :/

As implied, there are more protagonists. Han Mi Mo has three friends:  Hong ae Ran, Baek Da Jung, and Go Dong Mi. Song Soo Hyuk has a bestie: Koo Hae Joon.

Mi Mo and Da Jung get divorced people married. They actually have an agency for that. Technically, Mi Mo should have been her own first client but hey who am I to judge?

Song Soo Hyuk with no wife is just perfect for me (I mean Mi Mo, Han Mi Mo). Important detail: Song Soo Hyuk is very HOT!

So where does it all begin? When Han Mi Mo and Song Soo Hyuk were 9 years old. Song Soo Hyuk already had a crush (chaksarang) on her. Almost kissed each other as Romeo Juliet. But Juliet moved away from the hometown.  Poor Soo Hyuk. They meet again years later. Mi Mo is a divorcee and Soo Hyuk is a single parent and a journalist. They get married. She falls for his best friend.

Yeah. They drunk get married. Are inches away from registering. And the next night she falls for the hot ER Doctor, Soo Hyuk chingu.

It takes Soo Hyuk some time to re-embrace his feelings for her. But even when he does he does he tries so hard (OMG) to contain his feelings, because of his best friend!

When he is trying to contain his feelings he is just so protective of her that the best friend (Mi Mo boyfriend) gets jealous for in this drama the girl is the stupid one. Can’t see the love in the hot guy’s eyes!

He is just there for her at all times.

Getting married to her coz she is feeling down after being dumped.

Rushing to her at the hospital, untied shoelaces.

And their spot <3

They come to it when they miss the other.

Aside from all this, she is also an ex-celebrity and so she has to deal with the shit that gets thrown in her way and he saves her whenever he can.

Him giving her company because she gets stood up on a date. (That’s fire! Can we all please agree to leave magic for Son Oh Gong).

And Soo Hyuk’s friend Hae Joon, her current namja chingu, is such an insecure person to be jealous of this…

The highlight of the drama though, he confessed to her when she was sleeping only when she was not. She heard everything and then she fell in love with him too.

Actually, I believe she was in love with him from the beginning but realized it after being confessed to. What do you think?

And then the sweet romance begins.

If you watch it and I hope you do, let’s talk more about it. Pliss.


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‘Coffee Prince’ is a Girl

Only South Koreans can make tons of dramas where the girl is mistaken for a guy by literally everybody just because she doesn’t have the 36’ 24’ 34’ figure. And the dimensions too were decided upon by a male world. But No, here we are not going to discuss that because here we are only going to praise these sweet miracles produced by the South Korean drama industry.

I can literally assemble a hundred-foot-long list of dramas that have the girl as a guy and it takes more than 7, 8 episodes for the hero to find the truth out.

This one though! Coffee Prince, broke that record. It stretched it all the way to episode 14. Can you believe that? The guy, poor Gong Yoo, did not know that the person he is attracted to, the person he is in love with is a girl. And all the social stigma kept beating him down for homosexuality is not a praiseworthy trait in South Korea.

So the drama begins. The Girl is Go Eun Chan. She has short hair, a straight body, and she is labelled a boy. How appropriate.

She is literally kicked out of the women sauna she is delivering noodles to (her part-time job). She delivers the cold noodles to the main guy, Han Kyul’s place and he is there in his towel, doesn’t even care to cover himself up properly while (sexily) wiping his perfectly waxed legs.

The one thing she is invested in is her Karate place. She hates these part-time jobs but she does them in order to keep her Karate place afloat. So independent and reliable. Bless her.

And then there is our dear main hero, Han Kyul aka Goblin aka Gong Yoo. He is a flirt when around girls, lead them on and when they get into him, he dumps them, so cute. Yes this is sarcasm

But who is legit cute is the grandmother. Her sole purpose in life aside from running and owning a successful organization is to get her grandson Han Kyul on track and get him introduced to girls. (Halmoni, go easy on him he has to wait 939 years before he meets Goblin’s bride).

The story progresses in such a way that the grandmother makes Han Kyul in charge of their rundown shop ‘Coffee Prince’ and Go Eun Chan has to work part time there. Han Kyul’s topmost rule for job applications being ‘only guys can apply for the job’. And Han Kyul is blind enough not to notice her as a girl hires her.

And he also hires her to pretend to be his lover…

Umm whaaaa….

$200 per outing

She gets a chance to learn the art of making coffee from a certified barista who has worked there for quite some time nourishing her skill and also nourishing the budding romance. And all this without letting the guy know that she is a girl. Dude, if you know homosexuality is not praised where you live and you know that he is struggling because of that and his love for you, just PLEASE tell him.

But can we just take a moment to embrace the pureness of Han Kyul’s love? With all the social pressure of not liking a boy, he stands up to himself and accepts it. He decides to just be in love.

Well, Eun Chan honey! Good luck telling him about your gender now.

At least the second lead who falls in love with her was intelligent enough to know her as a girl from the beginning…

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Hwayugi Replica: Review of DilNawaz

Da wassoyo

with another review!

And this one is about




Very anti-climactic, I know. Though not as anti-climactic as the Pakistani dramas.


More like a comparison where I will prove:


Before I begin let’s get one thing straight. Our understanding of djinn is different. The definition for djinn (singular), djinnat (plural), is that they are entities made of fire. They coexist in the realm with the humans. They have powers, and they choose to not interact with humans. The evil djinns do try to scare the humans when the humans try to take their property but on the whole, they have families, life, love, everything humans have, only they are fire and humans, clay.


Shijak… (let’s begin)

It happened when I was procrastinating on Youtube. I had to figure out my life, my quiz the other day, the interview transcription (thesis on Korean dramas, yayy), assignments due. Hence, I spent an entire day on Youtube.

*Did I just hear ‘justified’? I swear I did*

So here I am, scrolling through the suggested videos and I landed over this one video which had hints of horror in it.

Hwayugi had recently ended, and withdrawal symptoms were still raging, so I clicked it.

And I tell you. The song had me hooked.

Also, the girl, the supernatural entity seemed so sad. Not even evil. Just sad. I thought: what the hell. I have time. I need to see this. This might be breaking the mainstream Pakistani dramas about the supernatural. This might be like the Korean dramas where we actually root for a hooman and a ghost (Bring it on ghost), a mermaid and a hooman (Legend of the Blue Sea), an alien and a hooman (My Love from another star), and not to forget the great sage, a monkey, and a hooman (Hwayugi) to end up together.

So I started watching. The guy was a human. And in love with a human. I know. I know. We’ll get there. So eight episodes go by and when in our usual dramas its time to kiss, the human, Fawad, and the female djinn, Dil Nawaz, finally meet. Well, they don’t even meet. Dil Nawaz is under the control of evil human lady hungry for power. She can’t even show herself without the direct approval of her superior. And Fawad has left his mother’s house in anger for she is opposing his marriage with his beloved. So she just messes with Fawad when he is living alone in the house which has been claimed by the Djinn. First messing with him she manages to scare him, but he eventually gets used to a presence which he can’t even see. How cool is that?

She learns what love is when she sees his love for the girl. And then she falls for him. And when the evil human lady tells her to reveal herself to the human, she is happy. When the evil human lady orders her to bewitch him, she is overjoyed. When the evil human lady orders her to get married to the human keeping her under her spell, she is beyond the moon. But here, the drama creators just broke my heart. Reinforcing that djinns are bad and that them being together with a human is just not possible. They make the love of a human and the supernatural just fake. And the guy does not even take a stand. He forgets her and chooses the human girlfriend. He forgets the real feelings he had for her before she bewitches him on the orders of the evil human lady. He chooses to forget the marriage he shared with the djinn when the djinn purposefully lifted her magic at the ‘I do’ moment for she doesn’t want to force him.

And in the end, she leaves him, for his good.

2 years later, The intense love for Fawad eventually becomes her death. Fawad is informed of her worsening situation, and he meets her. And she parts from the world Goblin style.

The asshole even sees the man who had informed her of the djinn’s worsening situation with a baby. The scene implied that the djinn had a baby. But that unworthy human did nothing. Didn’t even own the baby!

I don’ like this

If you want to show a Pakistani geumganggo (the djinn gave Fawad a geumganggo, swear to God)

If you want to show supernatural entities with glowing eyes

If you want to show their departure goblin style

At least, at least, give respect to the love.

You clearly are very impressed by Korean dramas. And trust me, man, I approve!

If you are impressed by Korean dramas, you have to make sure you get the core belief of Kdramas right. THE LOVE HAS TO BE RESPECTED regardless of who you are.

Thank you

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10 Year Challenge: A fan’s POV

As soon as 2019 knocked on our doorsteps, among the very first trends on social media, we saw the ten-year challenge. People uploaded photos of themselves in 2009 and now in 2019 to show how they had changed or not. As expected, some memes also surfaced that would send us into a laughing frenzy. Living in Pakistan and among non-Kdrama fans, these were the #tenyearchallenege posts we could see.

Let’s have a look at the #10yearschallenge that I found remarkable

  1. Top of the list, being broke AF:

  1. Or the 100 year challenge really.
    A never aging Pakistani celeb who is now probably 60 but…

Woman, you vampire?


  1. And we all can relate with this one. The evergreen. The Immortal. The 3310.

The nostalgia hurts more if you have an iPhone 6 which you gotta recharge every other minute.

  1.  Oh and if you are a South Asian kid, you can’t not know this one:

5.  Or something that hits right at stone:


But being a diehard Korean drama fan, the only thing I could think of with the phrase ‘ten-year challenge’ and the numbers ’09 and ’19 was:

One and only, Ji Eun Tak,

The poor kid. Every 10 years, from 9, 19, 29, she gotta run from the grim reaper.


Although the grim reaper was too hot, I probably wouldn’t have minded going with him…

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Stealing hearts by a ‘Playful Kiss’

Ok, So I’ll tell you straight on. This drama is the lamest and the stupidest drama ever, and I have watched it SIXTY SIX times (not kidding).

The drama is about a girl Oh Ha Ni who has fallen madly, deeply, completely, in love with the most intelligent person in her high school, Baek Seung Jo. Baek Seung Jo who can’t care less about stupid people and Ha Ni is the worst academically. Talk about fate!

Talk of fate might be more accurate when I tell you that the girl’s house is destroyed because of poor construction in an earthquake and she has to live in the father’s friend’s house which turns out to be Baek Seung Jo’s house from the second episode.

But let me tell you something! That stupid guy might be intelligent, athletic, superb chef, hot, umm wait, where was I….

Yeah, that guy might be all of these perfect things but he is damn straight stupid when it comes to love. He has clearly noticed her and been impressed by her when she kicks the vending machine to make it work

even if in their next interaction he grades her love confession letter a D-.

He clearly has started caring for her in the second episode to go out of the house and wait for her since there is a pervert roaming in the area. He bought yoghurt to justify his being outside but he waited for a long time that it all melted. <3 <3

He is clearly jealous of the classmate who is very expressive in love for Oh Ha Ni.

And this is just the 3rd episode

And he takes the graduation day picture with her to make the other girls not taunt Oh Ha Ni and teases her…

And he kisses her just because she says she will get over her feelings for him.

And after all this, he is insistent that he is not in love with her.

Seung Jo with the IQ of more than 150 just does not feel like striking up conversations with just anybody without reason and he talks about meaningful stuff with Oh Ha Ni even though she is stupid to not realize what’s going on. Tell me what can be more romantic than somebody who is intelligent enough to go to the top universities of the world chooses to go to the university Ha Ni has been accepted in because she makes life interesting for him (his words, not mine). And yet he doesn’t know if he is in love with her or not. Or what can be more romantic than somebody who is intelligent enough to choose any profession for himself but just because once Ha Ni mentioned she’d like to see him as a doctor he decides to go to medicine.

A month after I have finished the drama every single time, all I can retain is that Baek Seung Jo isn’t expressive enough! And for this reason, I watch it again just to focus on his face (By now I have learnt the dialogues by heart). And MAN, the surge of feeling that I have for this cutest love story ever!!!! He is so damn obvious in his love!!!!

Disclaimer: I am a hopeless romantic – in love with the idea of love – so I just fall in love more and more with the love that the two have. If it were in my power I would just fly in that damn screen and be like, ‘DUDE YOU LOVE HER. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST GET IT?

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Geumganggo, the real hero (Hwayugi Part II)

I am not having withdrawal symptoms for the first time! I have had them for Boy over Flowers, Doctor Stranger (Only he was a very lovely stranger), Healer, K2, I remember you. Well, basically, for all the Korean dramas I watch. I am just too invested in them. But this is the first time that these heightened withdrawal symptoms are coupled with trauma. Too Much Trauma. The last episode of A Korean Odyssey aired and I was traumatized for life.

The opening shot: the Great Sage just lying on the table and heaven people gathered around him. I was scared.

Some minutes into the episode, he meets three kids and gets a flashback of Jin Seon Mi. I gasp.

Ma Wang said Son Oh Gong’s memories are all fragmented. I stopped breathing.

He survived only because of Geumganggo. I cried.

His heart aches and he doesn’t know why. I died.

I have had roller coaster rides before. But all in one one-hour eleven minutes final episode? This was the first.

If it was a roller coaster ride because of Son Oh Gong then it was a Ferris wheel ride with Ma Wang. Breath of fresh air. Such sweetness. Caring for Son Oh Gong. Keeping information from the Goddamn heavens (so Badass).

in order to make sure the Great Sage is able to meet Jin Seon Mi again.

Figuring out who his son is and keeping an eye out for him.

Even Ah Sa Nyeo, by the end, was so pitiful. In fact, not pitiful, but sad. All I could see in her end was the end of the beloved Buja. The saddest part, PK had to burn her.

The two perfect things happened though in this drama:

  • Kang Dae Sung, locked in the sarcophagus, buried deep in the ocean.

  •  Oh Gong Nim (Son Oh Gong) gaining his memories back and telling his love to wait for him in the Netherlands.

Last shot: Oh Gong Oh Gong car making its way down the most aesthetics road all the way probably to the Netherlands.

The ending is perfect if this was Season 1 and Season 2 was on the way. There has to be a SEASON 2. Even if it’s a web series, I don’t friggin care. I just need more romance between them. They need to tell me how HE FINDS HER. HOW HE RESCUES HER. HOW HE BRINGS HER BACK. AND OF COURSE, THEIR ALWAYS HAPPENING MARRIAGE. I WANT THAT. I FRIGGIN NEED THAT.

Review. Over. Thank you very much

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A Korean Odyssey / Hwayugi

A little kid is bullied openly and yet keeps a straight face as the teacher enters and asks all the students to get up and greet her. She stands up alone while the others call out on her. (Here, I was like ‘ok fine, those kids are just pointing out the fact that the kid, Jin Seon Mi, is just a teacher’s pet.’) But then the teacher……

(Did I mention I was watching it at 3 am?)  Continue reading A Korean Odyssey / Hwayugi

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Today, I am going to tell you a story about myself.

I had newly entered the Korean drama fandom. The second drama I watched was BOYS OVER FLOWERS.

It had LEE MIN HO.



The level of perfection was never this perfect.

It was the second drama, so it was hard for me to figure out the normal plot. Till the end, I was at the edge of my seat trying to figure out who gets the girl.

So the drama begins. An unattractive girl (Korean drama representation of unattractive… I tell you… their definition of unattractive is distorted… or maybe I am more unattractive… but whenever they represent their female protagonist as unattractive, each and every time I find them attractive enough to girl-crush on them) who also belongs to a lower middle-class family which runs a small laundry business ends up saving a random stranger at a school reserved for the elites of South Korea. That random stranger was being bullied by all the students at the school for he had been granted a card by the F4 (a group of four most elite boys) allowing everybody to bully him. The media coverage regarding this issue amplifies so much that the mother of the leader of F4 also the CEO of the organization that owns the school ends up giving the girl ‘Geum Jan Di’ fully paid scholarship at the school.

As cliched as it sounds, it actually happens. She is not accepted by rich people. But she remains true to herself and true to the fact that she HATES Gu Joon Pyo (the bulliest bully). And she loves Yoon Ji Ho. (The main two in the F4).

Constantly defying all the bullying acts Gu Joon Pyo commits towards her she becomes interesting to Gu Joon Pyo, and he decides that oh well he likes her. So he tells her something while they are standing outside the airport after seeing off Yoon Ji Ho which gets drowned in the noise of the airplane and even the subtitles don’t catch it.

The curiosity killed me. I swear.

So we continued watching. He tells her to meet her at Namsan Tower. She goes shopping with her mother for there is a sale… very Pakistani… 4 hours later she decides to check and finds my beautiful Min Ho shivering in the snow. Dappunyun.

So just because he wants it, they start going out even though she still has feelings for Ji Ho.

And Yoon Ji Ho returns.

And now Ji Ho also has feelings for her. How cute! A supposedly unattractive girl is being crushed on by the two most perfect high schoolers at the best high school in Seoul. Very realistic, no?

They go to an island on Gu Joon Pyo’s private jet because he can afford it. And here I can’t afford tomorrow’s bus-fare to the university. So F4, Geum Jandi, and her best friend go to the island. On that island, a fortune teller tells her in a dream that she is on the island with both her future husband and her soulmate. Now, who is which? For she is having feelings for both the guys. Poor girl is as confused as me.

So she applies her physiological psychology knowledge and attempts to find out who she truly loves by kissing Ji Ho. Obviously, that gets witnessed by Gu Joon Pyo. Coz drama.

And she realizes she is now in love with Gu Joon Pyo. But would the drama end now?


I tell you. If the drama was not a full package already because of Lee Min Ho, the drama is made a full package of the oh-so many-different genres and stories going along. There is a girl who likes Lee Min Ho, so she gets Geum Jandi’s character tainted by getting her drunk and getting a guy take her pictures. Joon Pyo chooses to believe that accusation and not Jandi. How romantic, right? :/

The two other hot but not so important guys in the F4 choose to believe Geum Jandi though and prove her innocence… Can somebody please set her up with one of them?

And then another guy shows up who tries to woo Geum Jandi… She must have been like ‘umm hello, You are not Lee Min Ho’

So he kidnaps her and tries to trap Lee Min Ho

Then we also have grown up issues. He has to stand up for the family business. He meets a girl who is compatible with him and also very rich and also liked by his mother.

And then he also has an accident and loses his memory of Geum Jandi.


And I swear to God, in the last episode, they have the most awkward kiss in the history of awkward kisses in the lift chair.


A few years later,

Geum Jandi is preparing to become a doctor (Don’t worry you’ll be an amazing doctor by the time of Blood)

Ji Ho is preparing to be a doctor (That’s gonna happen for you too but when you find your wife dude Yoon Ji Ho in Playful Kiss)

And Gu Joon Pyo becomes richer than ever!!!

And Hotter <3

300 Korean dramas down the lane and Korean language courses taken, I started watching this again. The scene with the airport comes about, and I put all my attention on lip reading.

And I caught it. What the subtitles were not able to catch, I got it!

Na rang, saagijaa… (Lets Date/Go Out with me)


<3 <3 <3 <3

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Zard Zamano ka Sawera aka Misogyny

I watched ‘Zard Zamano ka Sawera’. The beginning was so wonderful. So fresh. The girl (Rubab) is rebellious, full of life, happy-go-lucky kind. The guy (Mir) falls for the girl the first time he sees her. Unfortunately, he is a police officer and so the next time he sees her is in the police station accused of a crime (which she did not commit).

Circumstances unfold in such a way that the two get married without knowing they are getting married to each other (everyday life in Pakistan). Mir realizes this after getting married. Since he had built a negative opinion about her ever since she was accused, he decides to use this as an opportunity to torture her all he wants (the girl loses all her rebelliousness) and make her reveal the name of the gang leader involved in the crime(WHICH SHE CAN’T DO BECAUSE SHE FRIGGIN’ DOESN’T KNOW!).

As I watched the drama, I loved the novel it was based on. So I went back to where I first read the novel. Found it. Read it again.

The novel was full of misogyny. And just today I had this realization that I am unusually attracted to and surrounded by misogyny.

I was in a misogynistic relationship myself. I would treat the other entity as an OBJECT and yet I never heard any complaints. I would torture. And yet I would be greeted with blessings.

Good Morning

Have a nice day

Hope you have a fun day

I would ridicule and he would take it all without any retort.

And then when you take something for granted and its taken away from you, you realize how important they were for you. How complete they made your life.

That happened.

The eyes slowly closed. There was a flash of multiple colours. Maybe, as they say, your whole life is shown to you at that moment, maybe that happened. There was a lot of red colour. Maybe it was all the torturous moments I ignited.

But it all ended with everything going black. I went into shock for 2 whole hours for a relationship of 2 complete years.

In those two hours, I could only think about ways I could have been better .

Until my dad’s voice broke my trance

Him: No crying over spilt milk now. Just buy another phone but this time forget Iphone. Go for Galaxy or something cheaper!


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