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I recently watched a Chinese drama, Love 020, and the one thing that my memory retained aside from oh-so-cute chemistry was the Oppo F11 Pro placement.

Wait. sorry. My bad.
Not Oppo F11 pro. That was Suno Chanda.

The one thing I noticed in Love 020 was Oppo cellphones’ brand placement. And was it perfect?
Yes it was!!!
Also, the chemistry in Love 020 was very Strong Woman Do Bong Soon so if you like that you can totally watch it.

Anyway, let’s get back to brand placements!

Chinese Drama (Love 020):

  1. The guy texts the girl. The camera focuses on Oppo’s logo.
  2. A character puts his phone on charge. His friends decide to eat out. He whines that he just put his phone on charge.
    His friend says: Your phone can give 2 hour talk time after 5 minutes charge. Quit whining!
  3. A girl loses her phone. She goes to oppo’s outlet. She chooses a phone. Salesgirl tells her about the talk time and asks what color she wants it in. The girl says golden. She has a star plus moment where her thoughts tell us that she wants to match the phone with her boyfriend.
  4. A girl wants to make up with her best friend. She goes to a shop to buy a cake. The camera positions the lead characters right beside the logo of iCake. It also shows the variety of cakes available.
  5. A popular Chinese brand of Orange juice is consumed by all university students in the drama to show that it revitalizes them.

Pakistani Drama (Suno Chanda Season 2):

  1. Sherry goes to Oppo outlet. The salesman tells him about all the specifications of Oppo F11 Pro as if he knows that the person in front of him will understand all the tech details of the phone.
    Sherry: Yes Yes I know about ‘Oppo F11 Pro’ and the talk time. I have an Oppo F11 Pro too! I want to gift an Oppo F11 pro to my wife. I have an Oppo F11 pro in black color. I want my wife to have an Oppo F11 Pro in purple color.
  2. Cousins are all playing cricket together. Sherry comes over and suddenly feels like taking pictures.
    Sherry: don’t worry. Don’t worry! Oppo F11 Pro has good inbuilt lighting. The pictures will be good.
  3. And not to mention the wedding function where Mitthu actually brings over a tray full of candy biscuits because obviously in brown weddings we make our entry with trays full of ticky packs.


But let’s not be too harsh with them.

When have we ever seen brand marketing within a Pakistani TV drama?

But since Pakistan has finally tried their hands in it, they could at least do it intelligently

Or Oppo being an international brand and having experience in brand placement in Asian dramas could take notice and tell their Pakistani branch to follow their international policies regarding it.

It is evident that Pakistani TV industry does not know how to do brand placements. And due to their stupid way of putting the brand in your face, the audience starts losing interest.

Trust me.
I know.

I finish all the dramas that I start. Even if I don’t like them.

And I have stopped watching Suno Chanda season 2 halfway through.

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