Geumganggo, the real hero (Hwayugi Part II)

I am not having withdrawal symptoms for the first time! I have had them for Boy over Flowers, Doctor Stranger (Only he was a very lovely stranger), Healer, K2, I remember you. Well, basically, for all the Korean dramas I watch. I am just too invested in them. But this is the first time that these heightened withdrawal symptoms are coupled with trauma. Too Much Trauma. The last episode of A Korean Odyssey aired and I was traumatized for life.

The opening shot: the Great Sage just lying on the table and heaven people gathered around him. I was scared.

Some minutes into the episode, he meets three kids and gets a flashback of Jin Seon Mi. I gasp.

Ma Wang said Son Oh Gong’s memories are all fragmented. I stopped breathing.

He survived only because of Geumganggo. I cried.

His heart aches and he doesn’t know why. I died.

I have had roller coaster rides before. But all in one one-hour eleven minutes final episode? This was the first.

If it was a roller coaster ride because of Son Oh Gong then it was a Ferris wheel ride with Ma Wang. Breath of fresh air. Such sweetness. Caring for Son Oh Gong. Keeping information from the Goddamn heavens (so Badass).

in order to make sure the Great Sage is able to meet Jin Seon Mi again.

Figuring out who his son is and keeping an eye out for him.

Even Ah Sa Nyeo, by the end, was so pitiful. In fact, not pitiful, but sad. All I could see in her end was the end of the beloved Buja. The saddest part, PK had to burn her.

The two perfect things happened though in this drama:

  • Kang Dae Sung, locked in the sarcophagus, buried deep in the ocean.

  •  Oh Gong Nim (Son Oh Gong) gaining his memories back and telling his love to wait for him in the Netherlands.

Last shot: Oh Gong Oh Gong car making its way down the most aesthetics road all the way probably to the Netherlands.

The ending is perfect if this was Season 1 and Season 2 was on the way. There has to be a SEASON 2. Even if it’s a web series, I don’t friggin care. I just need more romance between them. They need to tell me how HE FINDS HER. HOW HE RESCUES HER. HOW HE BRINGS HER BACK. AND OF COURSE, THEIR ALWAYS HAPPENING MARRIAGE. I WANT THAT. I FRIGGIN NEED THAT.

Review. Over. Thank you very much

A Korean Odyssey / Hwayugi

A little kid is bullied openly and yet keeps a straight face as the teacher enters and asks all the students to get up and greet her. She stands up alone while the others call out on her. (Here, I was like ‘ok fine, those kids are just pointing out the fact that the kid, Jin Seon Mi, is just a teacher’s pet.’) But then the teacher……

(Did I mention I was watching it at 3 am?)  Continue reading A Korean Odyssey / Hwayugi


Today, I am going to tell you a story about myself.

I had newly entered the Korean drama fandom. The second drama I watched was BOYS OVER FLOWERS.

It had LEE MIN HO.



The level of perfection was never this perfect.

It was the second drama, so it was hard for me to figure out the normal plot. Till the end, I was at the edge of my seat trying to figure out who gets the girl.

So the drama begins. An unattractive girl (Korean drama representation of unattractive… I tell you… their definition of unattractive is distorted… or maybe I am more unattractive… but whenever they represent their female protagonist as unattractive, each and every time I find them attractive enough to girl-crush on them) who also belongs to a lower middle-class family which runs a small laundry business ends up saving a random stranger at a school reserved for the elites of South Korea. That random stranger was being bullied by all the students at the school for he had been granted a card by the F4 (a group of four most elite boys) allowing everybody to bully him. The media coverage regarding this issue amplifies so much that the mother of the leader of F4 also the CEO of the organization that owns the school ends up giving the girl ‘Geum Jan Di’ fully paid scholarship at the school.

As cliched as it sounds, it actually happens. She is not accepted by rich people. But she remains true to herself and true to the fact that she HATES Gu Joon Pyo (the bulliest bully). And she loves Yoon Ji Ho. (The main two in the F4).

Constantly defying all the bullying acts Gu Joon Pyo commits towards her she becomes interesting to Gu Joon Pyo, and he decides that oh well he likes her. So he tells her something while they are standing outside the airport after seeing off Yoon Ji Ho which gets drowned in the noise of the airplane and even the subtitles don’t catch it.

The curiosity killed me. I swear.

So we continued watching. He tells her to meet her at Namsan Tower. She goes shopping with her mother for there is a sale… very Pakistani… 4 hours later she decides to check and finds my beautiful Min Ho shivering in the snow. Dappunyun.

So just because he wants it, they start going out even though she still has feelings for Ji Ho.

And Yoon Ji Ho returns.

And now Ji Ho also has feelings for her. How cute! A supposedly unattractive girl is being crushed on by the two most perfect high schoolers at the best high school in Seoul. Very realistic, no?

They go to an island on Gu Joon Pyo’s private jet because he can afford it. And here I can’t afford tomorrow’s bus-fare to the university. So F4, Geum Jandi, and her best friend go to the island. On that island, a fortune teller tells her in a dream that she is on the island with both her future husband and her soulmate. Now, who is which? For she is having feelings for both the guys. Poor girl is as confused as me.

So she applies her physiological psychology knowledge and attempts to find out who she truly loves by kissing Ji Ho. Obviously, that gets witnessed by Gu Joon Pyo. Coz drama.

And she realizes she is now in love with Gu Joon Pyo. But would the drama end now?


I tell you. If the drama was not a full package already because of Lee Min Ho, the drama is made a full package of the oh-so many-different genres and stories going along. There is a girl who likes Lee Min Ho, so she gets Geum Jandi’s character tainted by getting her drunk and getting a guy take her pictures. Joon Pyo chooses to believe that accusation and not Jandi. How romantic, right? :/

The two other hot but not so important guys in the F4 choose to believe Geum Jandi though and prove her innocence… Can somebody please set her up with one of them?

And then another guy shows up who tries to woo Geum Jandi… She must have been like ‘umm hello, You are not Lee Min Ho’

So he kidnaps her and tries to trap Lee Min Ho

Then we also have grown up issues. He has to stand up for the family business. He meets a girl who is compatible with him and also very rich and also liked by his mother.

And then he also has an accident and loses his memory of Geum Jandi.


And I swear to God, in the last episode, they have the most awkward kiss in the history of awkward kisses in the lift chair.


A few years later,

Geum Jandi is preparing to become a doctor (Don’t worry you’ll be an amazing doctor by the time of Blood)

Ji Ho is preparing to be a doctor (That’s gonna happen for you too but when you find your wife dude Yoon Ji Ho in Playful Kiss)

And Gu Joon Pyo becomes richer than ever!!!

And Hotter <3

300 Korean dramas down the lane and Korean language courses taken, I started watching this again. The scene with the airport comes about, and I put all my attention on lip reading.

And I caught it. What the subtitles were not able to catch, I got it!

Na rang, saagijaa… (Lets Date/Go Out with me)


<3 <3 <3 <3

Zard Zamano ka Sawera aka Misogyny

I watched ‘Zard Zamano ka Sawera’. The beginning was so wonderful. So fresh. The girl (Rubab) is rebellious, full of life, happy-go-lucky kind. The guy (Mir) falls for the girl the first time he sees her. Unfortunately, he is a police officer and so the next time he sees her is in the police station accused of a crime (which she did not commit).

Circumstances unfold in such a way that the two get married without knowing they are getting married to each other (everyday life in Pakistan). Mir realizes this after getting married. Since he had built a negative opinion about her ever since she was accused, he decides to use this as an opportunity to torture her all he wants (the girl loses all her rebelliousness) and make her reveal the name of the gang leader involved in the crime(WHICH SHE CAN’T DO BECAUSE SHE FRIGGIN’ DOESN’T KNOW!).

As I watched the drama, I loved the novel it was based on. So I went back to where I first read the novel. Found it. Read it again.

The novel was full of misogyny. And just today I had this realization that I am unusually attracted to and surrounded by misogyny.

I was in a misogynistic relationship myself. I would treat the other entity as an OBJECT and yet I never heard any complaints. I would torture. And yet I would be greeted with blessings.

Good Morning

Have a nice day

Hope you have a fun day

I would ridicule and he would take it all without any retort.

And then when you take something for granted and its taken away from you, you realize how important they were for you. How complete they made your life.

That happened.

The eyes slowly closed. There was a flash of multiple colours. Maybe, as they say, your whole life is shown to you at that moment, maybe that happened. There was a lot of red colour. Maybe it was all the torturous moments I ignited.

But it all ended with everything going black. I went into shock for 2 whole hours for a relationship of 2 complete years.

In those two hours, I could only think about ways I could have been better .

Until my dad’s voice broke my trance

Him: No crying over spilt milk now. Just buy another phone but this time forget Iphone. Go for Galaxy or something cheaper!


LIGHTS – Screenplay


Taimur walks in slowly. He stands at a distance from Hasan.

You know. Ek zamana tha jb milky
way nazar ata tha

(You know there was a time when one could see the milky way.)



Puraney zamaney my ek dum tube
light ki tarah aasmaan roshan hota

(During old times, the sky would be as bright as a tube light.)

Thank you for the information?

Balkey wo jo bacho ki stories me
hota tha na k stars guide krte
they, wo isi lye k stars waqai raat
ko roshan krdete they

(Those bedtime stories which said stars would guide the way, that was so because the stars would brighten up the night)



To phir kuch yun hua k insan thori
off harkaten krne lage.

(Then the humans started acting strangely)



Matlab ye k technology develop krne lage

(Meaning they started developing technology)

And thats not good?

Han na! Ab dekho technology develop
hui to unho ne lights create krna
shuru ki ta k ghar roshan hon.

(Yeah well! See, once technology started developing, they created lights for the houses)

Exactly. Ta k hum dono yahan pe
kharey ho k baat kr saken.

(Exactly. Hence, we can sit here and talk)

Han zaroorat poori krne k lye ye
light bohot important hai. Magar jb
insaan is light ko for granted lene
laga to masla start hua.

(When in need, light is good. Taken for granted, however, the real issue starts)

Kesa masla?

(What issue?)

wo light ko without use
intentionally khula chorne laga.
Itni lights ki waja se milky way
galaxy nazar ana band hogya.

(They started intentionally wasting light when not in use. Because of all the wasted light, the milky way became invisible)

Im guessing ye lecture mje baaten
sunane k lye tha? For your
information, ye ligt is lye on hai
k me yahan khara hu

(So I am guessing this lecture was for me. Dear brother, the light’s on because I am here.)

Han lekin wo washroom ki light to
useless on ti na. Mene abi band ki

(Yeah, but what about the bathroom light, I just switched it off)

Mene to nahi kholi light

(I didn’t open that)

To or kon khole ga? Sirf hum dono
hi to ghar pe hain or mene nahi

(Well, who else would? Its just us two in the house._

mje kia pata…

(How would I know?)

They hear a click. They turn towards the washroom and they see the light switched on. another click. The light switches off.

Review: Doctor Stranger – The Best Kdrama Ever

The one drama that doesn’t show male and female protagonists ending up together but like not the sad way.

Ok, let me explain.

The guy has his own girl he is madly in love with. The female protagonist has her own guy (PARK HAE JIN). They have their own cute little story.

Back to Lee Jong Suk. So he was kidnapped along with his father when he was just a kid from South Korea by North Koreans. They kidnap them to treat the North Korean leader and when that’s done they refuse to send them back.

So the father being a cardiothoracic surgeon is forcefully employed by the North Koreans and he trains his son (Lee Jong Suk) to be a cardio surgeon as well. The training is so freaky that he, halfway into the drama, mentions that all those prisoners in the jails of North Korea, their crime could be as insignificant as being near the borders of the country, were subjected to medical experiments. And that he was forced to train on patients with no anaesthetics or X-Ray equipment. He had subjected HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of the people to this. And this was why he did not really rely on X-Ray equipment and was able to diagnose people who needed immediate care.

doctor stranger kdrama


So while he tries to escape North Korea, his father gets shot and dies and he is able to take his North Korean girlfriend out of North Korea to Hungary. But as she is a North Korean, she is not given refuge in the South Korean embassy in Hungary. He being smitten in love kind refuses to get refuge to be with his gal even when North Korean assassins are after him.

And the worst ever scene: he is on the bridge. She tumbles from the bridge as a bullet grazes her waist. He grabs her arm. Evil guy shoots him. The bullet hits his shoulder. Th blood trickles down his arm. The girl sees his blood. She sees she is putting pressure on that, she lets his hand go. She drops into the water. She disappears into the river.

</3 </3

The local police arrive. He is sent to South Korea. He gets into a big hospital. And from there onwards we see a nice friendship/relationship between him and Kang So Ra. He calls her a quack all the damn time. But he also acknowledges that she is pretty good at her job.

Park Hae Jin is kind of evil because his main purpose is to ruin the hospital by marrying Kang So Ra who is the daughter of the hospital owner. And Kang So Ra likes him but she also falls for Lee Jong Suk. And then an anesthesiologist is appointed at the hospital who is a doppelganger of the North Korean girlfriend. And he keeps saying to her ‘you are her’. But she keeps refusing. And one day when she is wearing a loose fitted shirt, he sees that she doesn’t have the mark where the bullet grazed. He is so confused. And then one day. Kang So Ra and the girlfriend are in a conference room. He just goes up to her and is like let me hug you and I’ll know from your heartbeat. And he hugs her. And then he leaves.

Afterwards, when he literally emotionally blackmails her into confessing her real identity because he has figured it out and just wants her to say it herself, it turns out she really is the girlfriend. She tells him that a North Korean agent threatened his life and so she had to lie and that her graze disappeared through a cosmetic surgery. But just like me she is dying to find out how he knew.

And he tells her when he hugged her, he felt her heartbeat. That everybody has a different heartbeat…………

And he knew it is her. And he knew she must have a reason to hide the truth so he didn’t bother her then and just went along with it.

And then at the end of the drama. Lee Jong Suk is able to get together with his girlfriend. Kang So Ra is able to get back to liking Park Hae Jin. And Park Hae Jin is able to let go of the grudge and genuinely hold Kang So Ra’s hand.

This particular drama gave me,





A dash of action

And a bucket full of HOT GUYS

A complete Package with GOODSONGS!!!

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Parchayee: Hum TV drama

I have been watching all the dramas I can get my hands on with sincerity. Be it Korean dramas like About Time, Suits, Why Secretary Kim or be it Parks and Recreation or Brooklynn nine nine, I have been on top of all the suggestions I had received. And this Eid, I also caught up on Pakistani dramas best among them was Aangan, the ARY one; MAN DID I CRY A LOT. But after that marathon, I ended up watching the latest episode of Parchayee. It aired on Hum TV on Fridays and I watched every episode dutifully. The starting was fun.

Girl (Pareeshay) loves guy (Saad). Girl has to live in the guy’s house because her own dad is no more. She wants to become a doctor. And then she gets to know that he loves another woman. Heartbreak and all. But just imagine the level of ‘identity-less ness’ if that’s even a word that she decides to abandon her goal of becoming a doctor because her sole reason to become a doctor was the guy (the guy is a doctor).

The other girl whom the guy loves is shown to be a career-oriented, independent, ambitious woman which makes her evil, I MEAN WTF. Her character is written in a way that all these qualities are coupled with selfishness and negativity. Why don’t they realise that a huge chunk of the population watches these dramas and this is just them further solidifying stereotypes? The stereotypes we need to get rid off in order to promote women empowerment.

Anyway, this other lady leaves the guy for a richer guy. And our protagonist is married off to the main lady because oh he is suffering from depression so Nah-uh lets not waste money on a psychologist lets just ruin a girls life because sati savitri biwian are non-commissioned psychologists. And the girl is so nice that she leaves her studies to be able to clean the house to win over her husband and mother in law (MIL). She forgets her own self to be able to polish her husband’s shoes while he treats her with such contempt and hatred making me wonder why my friends our even surprised that I lean more toward Korean dramas.

She has completely gotten rid of her identity which is good. At least that’s what the drama is implying. She doesn’t get all dolled up because she has been told off by her husband. She cleans and dusts the house because her mother in law demands that. And with all of that, she is able to win them over. (TOTALLY NOT IMPLYING TO ALL THE GIRLS WATCHING THAT YOUR FEELINGS DONT MATTER, YOUR HUSBAND AND YOUR MIL DO). So one would imagine that the drama is done and dusted but oh no wait the girl expresses that she doesn’t want to become a mother. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. HOW DARE SHE EVEN UTTER SUCH A WORD. She gets screamed at by her MIL. She gets scolded by her nana (maternal grandfather) who even says that he feels embarrassed in front of her MIL. And there I was listening to what they were saying. And with shock, I could not cry, laugh or do anything but decide on writing this blog post. I mean all she did was try to express her desire and the backlash she got MashAllah.

The story of this drama is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even have words. I mean all the actors in this drama are top notch but the story is making me cringe.

If you are still not feeling what I am feeling then I should tell you about the other aspect of this story too. The mother of the girl gets remarried after becoming a widow and she is told to abandon her daughter otherwise she will be divorced and she complies because this drama states that it is okay to do whatever you want because you can blackmail women. She starts living with her new husband whose son is not able to accept her as the mother. A few months later when the mother is able to convince her husband to let the Pareeshay live with her and not in Saad’s household, she is sexually harassed by the stepbrother. And Pareeshay’s mother tells her to KEEP QUIET.

And everything goes back to normal when the stepbrother realises he was wrong and says sorry and even expects her to treat him as a GODDAMN brother.



I feel like all the actors played their roles well. What they were given, they delivered. The problem is not the actors. It is the writers who are giving such stories and who need to up their game or let others come in the field to give some better content.

Petrol Pump

MUSKAAN and ROOMAN are sitting on SOFA and watching
television. The show gets interrupted by an ad and they
return back to their conversation.

Its really cute you know. K tm, ek
mard, ye bolo k harassment nahi
hoti. Mard harass nahi krte. You
are basically telling me k mardo ko
ye pata hi nahi k jo wo krte hain
wo harassment me shamil hota hai
Baat ko doosra rukh nahi do. Mene
ye kb kaha. Me keh raha hoon k
mentality ka farq hai. Ab dekho
hamari dosti is lye hai k me ek
parha likha banda hoon. Mje izzat
krni ati hai. Ghareeb logo ki itni
education nahi hoti is lye wo
harassing behaviour krte hain.
Ghalati un ki nahi hai.
So you are basically telling me k
people with resources educated
hotey hain or esa nahi krtey?

In the background, there is an AD on the TV.

Challenge hai ye tetley ka
Chalo challenge maan lete hain.
Lets prove you wrong.


MUSKAAN is dressed up as a petrol pump girl. She is filling
up fuel tanks. ROOMAN is also posing as a part timer.
They are both free at the same time. A Rickshaw comes. It
stops for a second. The rickshaw driver looks at both the
stands and then moves towards ROOMAN.

Rickshaw driver makes small talk with ROOMAN

Bechari bacchi ko itni dhoop me
kaam krna par rha hai. Ham nahi
khayal kren ge to kon kre ga.


The Rickshaw leaves. A car enters the station. Driver of
the car is dressed in a suit. He is wearing a pink tie. He
is clearly a rich man on a good post somewhere. He takes
the car straight towards MUSKAAN.

Hello dear

Itni mehnat. Do you want help?
No Im good. Keys?
Just trying to help? Wese naam kia
hai apka?
Bohot pyara naam hai. Kaheen parhti
b hain? Off kb hota hai apka?

ROOMAN comes towards MUSKAAN.

Fine. I believe you. Ab chalen?

Is k sath kia karo gi. Me kaheen
chor doon?
Han to ROOMAN batao. In parhe
likhey sahab ko kia jawab doon?