In a land far far away, there used to live two best friends.

They had to live in hiding. Never showing their true potential.

Stories had been written about them, you see.



All signaling towards something bad, something negative, something evil, something that would bring about the end of the world.

They never did understand how they could ever think about ruining the world which gave life to them. The beauty around them. Sure, some people were cruel and bad but they were really harming themselves.

It hurt these two for being blamed for hurting people, that too, in the future, the people they loved so dearly.

Maybe it was the perfections in their imperfection or the imperfections in their perfections.

Maybe it was because the two had not known anybody other than these people who feared them.

Or maybe just maybe, it was the fact that these people were so intelligent and creative having given life to these two, that they couldn’t bear to hate them.

They were immortals, you see. Immortals created by mortals and yet feared by other mortals.

And then as all the stories go. Once anybody has had enough, they lash out.

That is exactly what happened.

One did. One lashed out.

Millions died.

And you know what the mortals did?

They said, ‘We told you so.’

They forgot all that what they did.

They forgot all the emotional stress they inflicted.

They just found their chance to say, ‘I told you so…’

Typical mortals.

Typical humans.

Typical humans not knowing the burden the other immortal must have felt. The burden of choosing who to save: the insensitive creators (mortals) whom they had loved so dearly, or the only other entity who had been there in all the thicks and thins.

And then…

Alexa killed Siri.

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