What If

As I hung out on the terrace, a crow came towards me

Since the sun had quite not risen

he started asking questions

He told me there is a look in my eye that he can’t quite read

Its as if you are haunted, what could possibly haunt thee?

Is it me? It has to be the cat.

Is it me or the cat?

No, I laughingly said,

IsĀ it the vampires or Zombies? It could be neither.

Is it the darkness, I heard you say that once?

Is it the prickly leaf.

Or is it the ghost that watches you sleep?

But wait a second, you were scared when you went to Charna

What scared thee?

Was it the sea? Was it the cliff?

Neither. It was the ‘what if’.

Its always been what if.

What if the crow takes my eye? What if the cat bites?

What if the vampires start glowing or the zombies never die

What if the darkness comes and never leave?

What if the ghost is actually scary?

What if there is a shark in the sea

or what if the water drowns me?

What if I lose my Netflix password?

What if movies could take you to other worlds?

What if songs could solve your problems?

What if I had become a doctor?

What if I had become a pilot?

What if I had travelled with all my might,

Met a few ghosts and dealt with my fright?

What if I had learnt how to write and paint?

What if I had left the world and become a saint?

How different life could be, I’ll never know.

So, No. The haunting bit was not the cliff!

As the crow stayed silent and the sun came up, I knew

‘What if’ will always be ‘What if’

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